Two Semi-automatic Waste handling Grab Cranes supplied and commissioned at (Jabalpur) MP - India in 2014. 

waste to energy crane in India
Waste to energy Biomass crane
Waste to energy cranes ppt

Waste to Energy Cranes are   “Researched and indigenously produced by APR Grabs”

Waste-to-Energy (WtE) means burning household and industrial waste in a process that generates energy and/or heat. Our fully automated grab crane systems are an essential component in the process plant.  We at APR  provides waste to crane energy and biomass handling grab cranes and share worldwide experience & learning, joined with neighbourhood know-how to engage your lifting operations & increment your safety and productivity.  We offer cranes, features & services intended to serve sustainable power source energy production needs. Apr Bright Industry is one of the best waste to energy crane manufacturer in India.

Smart Features –
Total Solutions to Waste to Energy Industries:

  • Careful handling of waste
  • Easy to manage and process waste
  • Automatic waste pit hopper feeding system
  • High speed automatic cranes achieve optimal processing time

APR grabs designed and deliver waste to energy cranes in India to operate in difficult conditions, dirty atmospheres, utmost temperatures, and handle the cycle of waste loading and unloading easily.


  • Refuse incineration facilities
  • Facilities for refuse-derived fuels
  • Sorting/recycling

Semi and Fully Automatic waste pit cranes available

automatic waste to energy crane