Waste To Energy Crane

Our company have wide experience in manufacturing of Waste to Energy cranes and we pride ourselves in our performance to get the job done safe, right and on time with minimum plant downtime and minimum interference from incoming/outgoing trucks, plant production, maintenance, and other onsite contractors.



APR offers a broad range of waste to energy crane that are designed for biomass, slag and waste handling. We are engrossed in manufacturing a quality assured product.  We also understand the harsh environment of waste-to-energy and biomass plants, so we engineer our lifting and control equipment to endure humidity, dust and temperature variations.

Our aim is to secure and develop the market leadership based on our high quality, ability to innovate and worldwide distribution network. As your business increases, we work closely with you to meet your mounting needs.

We offer all of our services to the Waste to Energy Industry including:
  • New crane installations
  • Old crane removals/scrap out
  • Rebuilds
  • Modernization
  • Control changes/Upgrades
  • Runway and rail repairs/replacement


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