Waste to Energy Cranes

Total Solutions to Waste to Energy Industries “Cranes are researched and indigenously produced by APR”. Waste-to-Energy (WTE) means burning household and industrial waste in a process that generates energy and/or heat. Our fully automated grab crane systems are an essential component in the process plant. APR manufacturers of grab crane and biomass handling grab cranes.  We develop grab cranes with latest technology and grab crane efficiently lifting operations increment your safety and productivity. We offer cranes, features & services intended to serve sustainable power source energy production needs. APR Bright Industries is one of the best grab crane manufacturers in India.

Two Semi-automatic Waste handling Grab Cranes supplied and commissioned at (Jabalpur) MP - India in 2014.

SPEEDS TO REACH (mtr/min)10m – 100m
Hook Height10m -30m
Speedupto 90mtr
Lifting Height40M
Lifting Speedupto 90mtr
Trolley Travelingupto 80mtr
Data CommunicationDCS connectivity
ControlSemi and Fully Automatic

Semi-Automatic Grab Cranes
Smart Features can help streamline your Waste lifting and moving activities, expanding gear convenience and lessening material cycling.

Target Positioning
With a solitary catch, can lift a heap to a predetermined size, move it to one of the modified areas and spot it. particularly use for biomass.

Fully Automatic Grab Cranes
Influence Control, process duration and active sway control limit load swing by controlling scaffold and trolley increasing speed and deceleration.

Bunker Protection System
The Protected Areas highlight can be utilized to relegate spatial parameters for grab crane activity.

Biomass Handling Grab Cranes

Waste to energy and biomass grab cranes is designed with the Smart Features enables to monitor and control easily on the cranes. Newly custom designed grab cranes are saver of energy, fuel, electricity, and work on slow, medium and high speed as per requirement of loading and unloading materials process.

ManufacturersAPR Grabs
Manual / Semi-automatedRadio
Radius20m – 30m
Crane Range: 5tons20T
Grab power supplyIntegrated on
the rope drum
Fully automatic waste to energy cranes

Waste Handling Grab Cranes

India First Waste to Energy Cranes Manufacturers, and suppliers indigenously! Smart Features of waste handling cranes empower the potentials of industries and reduce the time frame.

Maximum capacity3t M6
Lift height20m – 50m
Power supply: cable reelOptional
Bridge travel speed60 m/min – 100 m/min
Waste Handling Cranes

Ash Handling Grab Cranes

Choose the ash handling cranes with Fully automation waste and biomass handling level that ensembles your production needs: Semi-mechanization, Feeding mechanization, Mixing mechanization, Unmanned three-move full mechanization

Dual grab:1.8 m5
Lift height25m
Electrical brakeRegenerative
ManufacturerAPR Grabs
waste to energy cranes

Sludge Handling Cranes

Smart Features enable to control the Sludge cranes from the control room. APR Grabs tested the cranes in every environment for better performance and durability. Best use of cranes is Easy to load and unload slag on the truck

Dual grab:7 m3
Lift height25m
Bridge travel speed60 m/min
ManufacturerAPR Grabs
Sludge Handling Cranes

OUR Brands

Choose the right Grab Crane for Waste and Biomass handling.  We are the proud manufacturers & suppliers of Indigenous Waste handling solutions for WTE Plants.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: How to choose Waste to Energy Cranes?
Ans: Fundamentally, there are two type of waste to Energy Cranes over the waste pit, one of which is a reinforcement. Easy to handle bulk waste material, reduce the work-time, energy-efficient.

Q: Who is Local Waste to Energy and Biomass Cranes Manufacturer?
Ans: APR Grabs is India’s First WTE cranes manufacturer, and suppliers and implemented semi and fully automated cranes as per customers requirements.