Apr Bright Industries as known for Tong grab manufacturer in India offer various type of tong as per customer business niche, Industry customized the tongs as per requirement.


Automatic Single Slab Tong mainly used to move single slab. Tong grab makes the slab-moving easy to use for crane operator.  Our tong raw-material, capacity first-class in quality.

  • Double Rim Tong/Grab

Double Rim Tong/Grab is manufacturers to handle light tools. Grab usually grib the both wall of the container that make it easy to operate with minimize gripping pressure. Custom design is available for tong grabs.

  • Grab Execution

  1. Easy to operate grab.
  2. Auto-technique mechanism to attach or relates the material or tong on hoist.
  3. All point is fully-furnished with steel bushings/pins and lubrication fittings.
  4. Grab easily can handle wide range of coil sizes and capacities.
  5. Grab can handle high temp environment.
  6. Grab consume only little spacious or parking.
  • Horizontal Reel Tong grab used to handle wire spools, reel and cable drum, pipes and cylinder quickly and safely.

  • Vertical Tong used to handle spools, reel and cable drum, convectors, covers and steel rings.

  • Inside Tong handle wire coils, rings, hollow etc.

  • Vertical wire coil tong handle cylindrical hollow bodies and wire coil.

  • Winding Drum Tong handle winding drum with wire coil.

  • Motor timber tong grab handle loading and unloading of timbers, trunks, timber bunles.

  • Electro- hydraulic sugar crane grab is fully protected with hydraulic cylinder and handle sugar crane, composite, waste, forestry.