Stone Handling Grabs

Stone Handling Grabs comes in the form of Hydraulic, and Mechanical. APR delivers both Componenets of grabs in the form of Mechanical Grab bucket, and Hydraulic Grab Bucket.

Hydraulic Stone Handling Grabs

Stone Handling Grabs also known as Hydraulic Rock Handling Grabs are designed to handle, and move large rocks, stone, blocks from one place to another place. APR Bright Industries is manufacturers of stone grabs and deliver hydraulic grabs in different-different size, and capapcity as per customer requirements. Grabs is mainly used to lift headstones, rocks, other hard shape pit stone and easy to load and unload over the truck. Stone grabs tines designed with high quality raw material. Hydraulic grab bucket is the ideal and secure path to move the rocks, stone without heavy labor load and used for excavator, and material handlers on the other handle hydraulic grab bucket offers size, and capapcity.

Mechanical Stone Handling Grabs

APR stone grabs helps to the operator to control grip, and release the load with its fully automation system. Mechanical Stone Handling Grabs 2, 3 or 4 tines comes in the various shape, and size and allow independently operator to execute the work. APR design various lifting tongs to mount on crawler cranes When rock handling grabs attached on the excavators, or electric material handlers it boost the potential and efficiency. Mechanical rope type grabs is tested and safe to use indoor, and outdoor. Any type shape of stone, rocks, scrap easy to handle with the grab bucket. Mechanical rope type Grab bucket offers Single-rope, Two-rope, Four-rope variant.


  • Fully Automation
  • Low cost maintenance, time saver, Labor saver.
  • Safe and easy to operate.
  • Easy to attach on excavator, and electric material handlers.
  • 360 degree hydraulic rotation.

Grab bucket easy to connect on crane, also designed with high wear resistant steel, and APR can manufacturer customized grabs for stone, rocks handling.

hydraulic stone handling grabs

Tetrapod Stone Handling Grabs

Either Mechanical or Hydraulic both grabs designed by APR Bright Industries as well delivers customized size, and capacity to the customers as per requirements. Hydraulic Tetrapod grab attachment for excavator designed by APR Bright Industries is capable to handle tetrapod stone. Hydraulic Tetrapod grabs designs in the variety, shape and size as per the requirements. Designing concept of tetrapod stone handling grabs is Hydraulic and Mechanical rope type offers classic strong grip on tetrapod. Whether Tetrapod Mechanical rope grabs used for crawler cranes on the other handle hydraulic grabs used for excavator. Grabs function, and development is designed to keep in the mind excavator power, and makes the operator job effortless. Tetrapod grabs handle bulk and heavy stones at low-cost maintenance.

  • Hydraulic tetrapod stone handling grabs
  • Mechanical tetrapod stone rope type grabs
  • Mechanical tetrapod stone handling grabs
  • Hydraulic tetrapod handling grabs
  • Mechanical tetrapod stone grabs
  • Mechanical rope type grabs