APR Bright Industries today is well known as one of the leading Stationary Electric Material Handlers manufacturers in India. APR has emerged as a prominent name in the field manufacturing and suppliers of a comprehensive range of Electric Material Handlers aka Knuckleboom Loader. We offers a precise solutions for wide-range loaders applications in manufacturing plants  with enabled  features Power, Pedestal, Load Sensing Hydraulics & Joystick Controls, Swing Torque & Zinc Plated Pins, Zinc Plated Pins, Centralized Valves, & Bolt-On Cylinder Glands, Operator Cab, and Windows. APR offers non-polluting loader with salient features such as No interruption for refilling fuel tanks, Wireless Radio Remote Controlled (Optional), Air Conditioned Cabin for Operator.

Stationary Electric Material Handlers Features

Power110-HP (80 kW)
Pedestal40-inch (999 mm)
BoomFabricated Box
Swing Torque(40,000 Nm)
Operator CabinSeat with Armrests, & Halogen Lights
Stationary Mount Knuckleboom Loader

Electric material handler with 12m reach manufacturers

Stationary Electric Material Handlers and Loaders Manufacturers in India offers well-designed engineering marvel with rotates 360° on a stationary pedestal and uses its articulating jib to travel on radius. A specially designed Hydraulic Orange Peel Grapple fastened to its moving end grips almost anything and helps shifting it to any desired location within the radius. The State of the art hydraulic system generates the force for articulation of the boom and the opening and closing of the Grapple. The Stationary loader is of great advantage where loose material has to be moved within a pre-decided radius. Stationary Loader Boom Crane is designed and engineered to deliver fast and efficient material feeding to serve the purpose. The amount of material transferred in one attempt is far more than any other equipment of the same application. At the same time, the running cost of the machine is quite low as compared to its workforce.

Expert Design and superior after sales service is the backbone of our product. With efficient after sales service through our factory trained service engineers and professionally qualified with well-experienced staff, we are able to attain the highest levels of Customer Satisfaction. Quick Fault Rectification with greatest economy rates and confirmed solutions has always been in highest priorities of “APR”. We design and deliver the Attachments For Stationary Electric Material Handlers as per customer requirements.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: Top stationary electric loader manufacturer in India?
Ans: There are many electric loader manufacturers but We have an independent and well trained Design Department capable of innovating Tailored Solution to suit any kind of Material Handling Requirement. Owing to its Client-Centric Business approach, ethical business practices, state of the art manufacturing facility, dedicated approach and best Quality Management Systems. “APR” Cranes has managed to grip a strong foothold in the industry. Customer Satisfaction is what we have earned in all these years in business and is what we count as our most valuable accomplishment.

Q: What is capacity of Stationary Mount Knuckle boom Loader?
Ans: It is very suggested to be installed at places where a conventional crane system cannot be installed due to site limitations. Here the Stationary Loader provides accurate solutions. Designed for Radial Reach up to 14 Meters with Loading Capacity of 0.5 Ton. We offers customized loader.

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