APR grabs is manufacturers of mechanical touchdown grab bucket also known as Single rope touchdown grab, or Single type, two-type, four-type Mechanical Grab Clamshell Bucket. Our Mill Scale Grab designed with material to be handled in mill scale, and others bulk commodity  material Ball Clay, Soybean Meal extraction, Rapeseed Meal extraction, Soda Ash, Iron Ore Fines, Sugar and Salt.. We add the advanced engineering in bucket that enhance the performance. Our bucket is capable to lock while loading when release by operator and unlock the bucket while unloading material itself.

Single Rope Touchdown Grab Bucket Technical Specifications

We are Touchdown grab bucket manufacturers in India and offers customized mill scale grab bucket and offers perfect wire rope length upto 16mm, length 11.0 m (approx.) 6×36 construction, galvanized, steel cored. Grab Bucket mass of empty grab weight is 1600 kg (approx.), length of rope permanently reeved in closed position per fall in 3.1 m, and length of additional rope required in fully open position per fall: 2m.

CapacityUpto 2cbm
ApplicationHeavy Duty
Bulk Density3.0 t/cbm
TypeSingle rope self dumping hook
MaterialMild Steel
heavy duty single touch down grab bucket

Mill Scale Handling Grab Bucket

Method of operation of touchdown grab bucket consider grab to be initially in fully open position, lower the grab so as to rest on the heap of material to be grabbed. Continue lowering the crane hook still further till the wire rope of grab has slackened which will ensure that the lever carrying the pulley block has swung to its lower most position. Now raise the crane hook slowly. Grab jaws will close themselves while grabbing the material when the jaws are fully closed, raise the grab up at full hoisting speed and carry at the place where material is to be discharged.

Now pull the hand rope to operate a lever which opens the grab in mid air allowing the contents to fall below. Alternately when hand operating mechanism is not preferred to be used, proceed as follows:-

  • Allow the filled grab to rest on ground or existing heap of material or hopper top etc.
  • Whenever the material is required to be discharged. continue lowering the crane hook still further till the lever carrying pulley block has swung to its lower most position.
  • Now raise the crane hook, the grab jaws will open themselves leaving the contents there raise the opened grab & repeat the cycle of operation.

10m3 Single Rope Touchdown Clamshell Grab Bucket

  • All dimensions are in mm
  • Variation in open & closed height = + 5%
  • Variation in open & closed length = + 5%
  • All pin & axle shall be hardened & tempered 220 – 260 bhn.
single type touch down grab bucket

Frequently Asked Question

Q: What is the specification of 15m3 Single Rope Touchdown Grab Bucket?
Ans: Single rope clamshell bucket re-handle the material and capable to load and unload the bulk material. We offers customized Mill Scale Grab capacity, height, power, length as per industry requirement.

Q: How Single Line Clamshell Buckets for Bulk Commodities work?
Ans: Opening and closing mechanism for single-cable grab bucket easily handle the process of loading and unloading of material itself. Our touchdown grab bucket is enough efficient to handle the process by itself.

Q:What is mechanism of Four Rope Mechanical Touchdown Grab?
Ans: For easy loading and unloading of material operator have to release the grab when grab touchdown the material.

single type touch down grabs
mechanical single type grab bucket