We have been using the smart technology in Scrap Handling Grabs to increase the flexibility of grabs, and are ready to work in any kind of environment. In-built features reduce the noise, and increase the performance, and durability of grabs. Scrap grabs are designed to operate with any application respectively. We deliver highly performance grabs to load, and unload material including iron scrap metal, waste iron, ores, stones and shakes, or pig iron along with efficiency to function in steel, mills, sugar, solid waste plants, ports, and other heavy-duty industries. We have two types of customized scrap grabs such as Hydraulic orange peel grabs, and Electro-Hydraulic orange peel grabs. Both grab manufacturers with different and well- organized structures.

Hydraulic Orange Peel Grabs for Scrap Material

Hydraulic machine comes with a self-regulated piston and delivers the maximum force. The oil tank and cylinder is fully protected. We deliver the hydraulic grabs as per the material drive mechanism and density to handle scrap material, rubber, steel scrap, stone, solid waste, pig iron, balpd scrap, industrial heavy waste, pellets etc.

Capacity m3 0.5 – 1.5
Max Open Customizable
Material Cast Iron and Mild Steel

Electro-Hydraulic Orange Peel Grabs for Scrap Material

Components that made Machines electro hydraulic are electric engine, pump, and electro-hydraulic valves. ScrapElectro-Hydraulic Orange Peel Grabs to Scrap Material grab comes with highly capacity, speed, noise- free, and in-built technology. We customized the grabs as per material and type of crane capacity.

Capacity m3 1.5 – 12
Max Open Customizable
Material wood chips, rocks, steel scrap

Get customized scrap garbs in any variety, fully functional, Push button operated. We provide repair, spare, and modification to the grabs. Our scrap handling grabs are more convenient and capable than electromagnet and Consume the less power, along with no electric damage. Grab is easy to maintain and operate when generating the volume of production.