Radio Remote Control Grab

Radio remote control grab is best decision for Port Crane or Cargo Ships. Regardless of lift up by wireless remote control or force link, the opening procedure can be hamper and proceeded with a few times so as to make sure mass material is clear in a controlled way.

The hydraulic cylinder saves the cycle time, wear and tear on the crane, making it both quick to use and low cost maintenance. It won’t be affected by the bad environment such as unfavorable temperature, extreme coldness, powder and rain, etc. Its an add on feature of the radio remote control technology into the Single Rope Clamshell Bucket for more suitable controls.

Radio Remote Control Clamshell Bucket Capacity

Cylinder Single & Double
Capacity(cbm) 1-50
Valve Rexroth
Working Pressure Bar 162-200

Radio Remote Control Grabs are designed & fitted with kick plates to reduce capacity in case of heavier cargoes or less lifting cranes capacity.

12 Cube Wireless Radio Remote Control Grab Feature:

    1. Can be used for charging/discharging of bulk rapid flow loads.
    2. Designed for single line cranes for reliable performance and easy course of action.
    3. No need any electric supply or motor, runs with battery.
    4. It does not require cable reeling drum system, grab stabilizer on the crane.
    5. Opens by radio remote control, closes by rope equipment.
    6. The kick plates are bolted at bucket scoop structure and can be unbolt as per the requirements.
    7. Spill plates is designed to adjust the grab capacity to suit cargo with varying densities as per requirements.
    8. Manufactured in range of 1 cbm to 50 cbm capacity.
    9. 14M3, 12CBM, 6-12CBM, 4 CBM, 25t Single and Double Cylinder.
radio remote control grab

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