Polyp Grabs

Hydraulic Polyp Grabs or orange peel grabs suitable in handling of bulk material scrap, rock, iron, recycling, industrial waste, paper, wood, tires, and different kind of bulk material. Ideal structure of the grab bucket protect its hydraulic cylinders and helps to lift more. It is designed with high hardness steel makes it robust and reliable.

APR Bright Industries is the manufacturers of the Poly P grabs and grabs tines, pins, bushing make the grab strong  and serve under any conditions either outside or inside. Compact designed of Hydraulic Polyp Grabs easily attach on the cranes, excavators, and electric loaders.

polyp grabs

Polyp Grabs Manufacturers

APR design and deliver varieties of PolyP grabs to many respective industries includes Steel, Cement, Coal Mines, Ports, Ship Yard, Fertilizer, Power Plants, Foundries, Construction, Chemical Plants, Waste to Energy Plant. Most of our polyp grabs is running in steel plants.

Capacity0.5 cbm
FEAISO 9001:2015
Grab Tines3,4,5,6,7,8
DesignDIN 15018

APR offers Polyp Grabs to respective industries as per their requirements. In special case, we study the type of work, and load in the industry and design the special poyyp grabs to enhance the productivity.

Our hydraulic polpyp grabs made with high quality material to stay longer at any kind of environment at less maintenance mode. Accessories in grab bucket like Bushing, Hydraulics rotator with shaft, suspension, tines, cylinders grant an extensive clamping force. Perfect assembling and smart features makes the grab bucket modern and high performance material handlers.

Polyp Grabs  Capacity and Features

  • Sturdy structure with high tensile steel
  • Anti-wear manganese steel teeth built grabs
  • Manufacturer with superior quality anti-abrasive & Anti-wear steel material for durable life.
  • Grab specially build from 0.25 cbm – 1.25 cbm
  • FEA done according to standard. ISO 9001/2015
  • Design & fabrication according to DIN 15018
  • Grab tines can be executed in 3, 4, 5, 6,7 or 8 open, half closed or fully closed.
polyp grab
Polyp Grab for Excavator

Hydraulic Polyp Grab for Excavator and Mini-Excavators

APR offers series of orange peel grabs in multiple standard. Basically, the tines of the grab bucket play the major role on excavator. In fact, role of the polyp grab on excavator helps to choose the right grab bucket to lift more bulk material.

Hydraulic Polyp Grab for Cranes and Electric Material Loaders

Industrial Cranes and electric Loaders require high model of polyp grabs bucket to handle the bulk material. Vertical cylinder in grab bucket used to build the workforce in waste handling material.