Scissor Grab

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We test Scissor Grab on different predefined parameters to ensure quality standards Before delivery. Our grabs can be used for various lifting device including truck cranes, excavators, fork trucks, and overhead cranes.



For solving the purpose of material handling jobs APR Grabs, export a broad range of Scissor Grab. Designed with lightweight material, Scissor Grab that is used on the barrage unloader for unloading iron ore. These grabs are lightweight but scoop the good amount of material due to Scissors action & wider opening of the jaws. It is prepared from high tensile steel & care bored on the boring machine. We supply various kinds of Scissor grabs at a very competitive price range.

The Scissors grab is available with lifting powers up to 120 tons and available with an open or half-closed shell. These grabs are very suitable for handling coal, iron ores, pellet feed, minerals, biomass, concentrates and bauxite.


Scissors grab provides the highest average productivity with significant savings on the use of expensive trimming equipment. These grabs are extremely suitable for the use of automated and unmanned installations. The Scissors grab is precisely suitable for use with automated gantry cranes. Constancy on sloping surfaces, short cycle time, reduction of avalanche of cargo in the hold and enhanced safety in the hold are distinctive advantages.


• External handles for ease of positioning
• Adjustable internal pack height
• Fully automatic mechanism
• Segmented interchanged rubber pads
• Highest Average Productivity
• Substantial savings on trimming Equipment
• Reduced deployment of manpower in the hatch
• Low maintenance cost/price
• Absolute quality
• Unequaled performance


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