Excavator Grab

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We are specialized in offering a wide range of a reliable range of Excavator Grabs. These Grab Bucket are designed for the various requirements of material handling in mind.



APR Bright designed Excavator Grabs, which will give our clients a high gripping forces and superior bunching on all materials. It also helps in faster bundling and high productivity. Excavator grabs are of the recent design, permitting wide opening widths to pick up huge amounts of material and also provide great capacity. It also allowing very tight closing to handle a variety of sizes. Excavator grabs provide or designed accordingly which will give us high gripping forces and superior bunching on all materials. These grabs also help in faster bundling and high productivity.

Benefits:Excavator grabs
  1. The main purpose of the excavator grab is to move large quantities of debris and dirt. The design exactly looks like a human jaw that scoops and moves debris to a certain location. This type of product is especially designed to handle materials with ease. It is very robust to scoop any type of debris.
  2. This type of grab is used in various construction and excavation projects as it is considered to be one of the most adaptable excavator tools. People can use this powerful product to clear roadways, fallen trees and lands etc. Joint with a crane, this excavator can scoop the load and move it over a certain obstacle without a problem. Some of its models are perfect for digging and peeling rock particles.
  • High clamping forces – allows secure gripping of any load.
  • Excellent bundling geometry – giving rapid productivity.
  • The highest quality steel available for made of Excavator Grabs.
  • Material: Mild steel Thickness: According to the customer requirement
  • Capacity: 0.6 cum to 1.25 cum


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