Cactus Grab

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The Cactus grab is used for the handling of scrap, biomass, rocks and household waste. Cactus grab is furnished with six or eight claws. The grab is available, depending on the material it needs to process, with an open, half-open or closed claw. This ensures a minimal waste of material.



APR Bright Cactus grab is one among our leading products which is used to handle biomass and rocks. APR Cactus Grabs, owing to its specific design, accurate dimensions and longer functional life, these equipment’s are extensively recommended by our clients. Cactus Grabs are tremendously multipurpose grabs when used with irregular materials such as scrap metals, irregular shaped small rocks and general waste material.

APR grabs have robust design with excellent digging power and are always admired due to their high functional efficiency and consistency. These Grabs deliver superior performance with high tine-closing forces and a power flow that matches the design.

  • It is very reliable and extensively used
  • Multi-cylinder grab
  • Smooth and high performance
  • Extremely robust design and corrosion resistant
  • Superlative and long functional performance & life
  • High tensile materials with excellent low friction cable
  • Application of wear-resistant and high-tensile steel
  • Excellent digging power
  • Independently movable claws


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