Overhead Crane Manufacturers in India

We provide a complete solution to industries to charge and discharge their material in bulk quantity with the help of overhead crane. Overhead grabs cranes comes in the form of single girder and double girder cranes. APR is overhead crane manufacturers in India, and helping several kind of industires to lift heavy duty applications. We design, and deliver customized overhead cranes also known as eot cranes to customers as per their requirements in the project. APR is partners of steel plants, foundries, cement, coal, warehouse, automobile, waste to energy cranes, paper mills, sugar mills, and indoor lifting materials etc. Our overhead cranes lifting maximum capacity is up to 500 Tons and it is depend upon the site structure, design, types, and environment condition.

Our overhead cranes ensure the safety and increase the productivity of your Business
We designs, and delivers EOT cranes with smart inbuilt-features to control the process and bring out the best Process cranes. Overhead cranes designs to develop the potential in the Business.

APR Bright Industries provides welded box girder construction options for both single and double girder cranes. Where standard single web rolled profiles cannot meet capacity or span requirements, box girder construction is also used where single web beam profiles become cost effective for the constructed of box girders, and some cranes of higher capacity below span 60 feet span.

single girder overhead cranes

Single Girder Overhead Cranes

Single Girder Overhead Cranes is designed to lift, and shift the material in bulk quantity from one place to another place. Single girder indoor Cranes setup and install at the require height and it comes in the customized capapcity from 1ton to 100 tons. Easy to operate and maintain cranes with high quality motor, hoist, hook, drum , brakes, corrosion resistant, and smart in-built features. APR is overhead crane manufacturers, and offers best overhead traveling cranes with unique features, high durability, and performance.

Single Girder Overhead Cranes Specification

Color Yellow
Maximum Capacity 2.5 MT – 5MT
Power Source Electric
Lifting Height Upto 15m -90m
Span 1-10 m, 10-20 m, 20-30 m
Hoist Travelling Speed 16/2.7m/min 16/ 2.7m/min

We not only makes cranes but also provides complete Turn Key Solution to all kind of projects, and material handling industries. We deliver high performance, innovative, smart, heavy duty, Manual, Fully, and Semi-automatic cranes designed with latest engineering and technology.

Double Girder Overhead Cranes

Double Girder Overhead Cranes is setup and installed in the industries to handle heavy duty load upto 500tons. Travelling cranes over the beam handle the lifting jobs efficiently and increase the productivity. Double Girder Overhead Cranes operates with hoist, magnets, grabs bucket, and other equipment. APR overhead crane manufacturers designed, and install in the form of Top running double girder overhead crane, and Under running double girder overhead crane at the customized height that support to run cranes with hoist, open winch trolley on rail or track on the top of double girder. Heavy duty overhead crane comes in the varieties of cranes as per material requirements.

Double Girder Overhead Cranes Specification

Color Yellow
Maximum Capacity 0-20 ton, 20-50 ton, 50-100 ton
Power Source Electric
Max Height Upto 15m -90m
Span 1-10 m, 10-20 m, 20-30 m
Hoist Travelling Speed 0-5 m/min, 5-10 m/min, 10-15 m/min, 15-20 m/min

APR Bright Industries is Double Girder Overhead Cranes manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters offers all kind of cranes solution with high durability, safety, and performance. We deliver high tech smart overhead cranes solution to the industires. Our Fully automatic overhead cranes, and semi automatic overhead cranes are enough sufficient and capable to deliver the best result in every kind of environment.

Overhead cranes Specifications

  • Designed as per IS 800, IS 3177, and IS 4137 low dead weight-reduces the cost of supporting steel work.
  • Mini headroom- reduces the building cost.
  • Standard components – spare parts avavailbe ex stock.
  • Forged wheels- give longer life.
  • Machine cut gears for the gear box made from carbon steel give smooth operation and longer life. Competitive prices and quick delivery. Wide selection of operating speeds and lifts are avavilable.

Overhead cranes Design

Main girder made from “I” beam type or all welded box girder construction in accordance with latest Indian standard. End carriages are made from rigid twin channel construction. They bolted to main girder. Ample bracing is provided between main girder and end carriage.

  • L.T. wheels are made from forged carbon steel for longer life.
  • All motions are provided with electro magnetic/ thrustor brakes.
  • Rope drums are fabricated from mild steel and will have machine cut grooves.

    Overhead cranes Bridge Drive:

    Singe or double motor drives are designed to give god traction performance, comprising of motor & totally enclosed speed reducer gear box coupled to the long travel shafts on both sides are provided. The bridge drive is mounted on walk way type maintenance platform for double girder crane, or the auxiliary girders for single girder crane.

    Overhead cranes Motors:

    All motors are of standard reputed Indian make having class “B/E” insulation and are of squirrel cage or slipring type.

    Overhead Crane Control:

Crane control is by a pendant push button or remote control unit for floor controlled cranes or through master controllers for cabin controlled cranes. The control voltage will be 110/24 V, contractors, fuses, transformer. All other electrically associated equipment’s is mounted in a dust proof steel cabinet.

Power Supply equipment:

Power supply to the crane can be in accordance to specifications and application. It can be by trailing cable, bare coper conductors, angle iron conductors or through cable reeling drums.


The hoist is finished in blue enamel paint. The crane structure is painted with rust preventing primer. Finished paints can be applied on customers request.

Product Range:

  • Electric wire rope or chain hoist.
  • Manual Hoist
  • EOT & HOT single girder cranes
  • EOT & HOT double girder cranes
  • Goliath cranes
  • Jib Cranes