Mechanical Orange Peel Grab

APR Mechanical Orange peel grab can be manufactured in various variants, each type familiar  to the material to be handled efficiently. For charging and discharging of steel scrap, armor rock, mixed scrap, compacted car bodies in obsolete car yards, rock, wood chips, etc. These grabs are also available for dredging purposes also.

Capacity5 to 30t
Operating Height (m)7.5 – 15.2
ApplicationPorts, Vessel, Mine, Metallurgy, Dump
TypesSingle, Two, Four-Rope
TransmissionShockless, Noiseless

APR Mechanical orange peel grabs are available In two variants:

Single-Rope Mechanical Orange Peel Grab

APR provides a range of grabs of motor-hydraulically, mechanically, and electro-hydraulically operating grabs. Single-Rope grabs specifications are easy to operate, low maintenance, and ultimate customized capacity. Mechanical Orange Peel Grabs are widely used in ports, vessels, and mine etc.

Two-Rope Mechanical Orange Peel Grab

APR Two Rope Mechanical Grabs are used for attachment to two line operated large cranes, one for Holding Ropes and one for Closing Ropes. The rope pulleys are provided with double rust protection, ensuring increased life span of the bearings or bushes.

Four-Rope Mechanical Orange peel Grab

APR Four Rope Mechanical Grabs are used for attachment to four line operated large cranes, two for Holding Ropes and Two for Closing Ropes. The grabs are manufactured of high Weldox wear resistant steel.

Product Description

  • Sturdy structure with high tensile steel
  • Anti-wear manganese steel teeth built grabs
  • FEA done according to standard. ISO 9001/2015
  • Design & fabrication according to DIN 15018
  • Grab tines can be executed in 3, 4, 5, 6,7 or 8 open, half closed or fully closed
  • Grab specially build from 0.5 cbm up to 15 cbm
  • Manufacturer with superior quality anti-abrasive & Anti-wear steel material for durable life
Mechanical two rope Orange Peel Grab

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