Mechanical Grab Bucket

We are a leading & renowned company of Mechanical Grab Bucket manufacturers, suppliers, & exporters. Industry offers best mechanical grab buckets in the form of Mechanical Clamshell Bucket, and Mechanical Orange Peel Grab, production house in Himachal Pradesh, India with the aim to empower “Make in India” community. Grab is utilized for waste transfer exercises & for overseeing iron piece, factory scale, limestone, wooden logs & for dragging purpose. 

Mechanical Clamshell Grabs Bucket is accessible at exceedingly practical value that effectively entrances clients. The grabs containers are structured according to, volume of material to be lifted & its process duration of letting the crude material to other line. Pail are required in the concrete. sugar industry and different enterprises for the applications & treatment of mass crude material to sustain the provisions.

Single Rope Mechanical Clamshell Grabs

Single rope clamshell grabs when setup on the crane with adequate lifting limit, then  grab is prepared for task. So as to limit material misfortune & contamination of nature, single rope grabs can be furnished with bucket shells. 

APR Bright Industries offers 3 unique frameworks to open the grabs:

Hand stumbled (Manual Control)
To open this sort of snatch you need to pull, by hand or separate winch, a different rope. Mid-air opening.

Touch Down (Automatic)
To open this sort of grabs, you need to arrive the take hold of the load or container to open the framework.

Radio remote control
The grabs are manufactured of high wear safe steel & worked by Radio Remote Control Grabs & required in any weight & limit.

Two Rope Mechanical Clamshell Grabs

  • The Two Rope Mechanical Clamshell grabs for two-line worked cranes (One Holding Rope and One shutting Rope). The grabs are uncommonly intended for charging & releasing sand, rock & other mass materials.  All course are rock solid & fixed for elite.

Mechanical Rope Grab

  • Both grabs are capable and sustainable for every kind of business, and environment. There are variety of mechanical grabs in APR Groups but we provide only required and long lasting grabs with “After Sale Service”.
Two Rope Mechanical Clamshell Grabs

Four-Rope Mechanical Dual Scoop Grab

Four-Rope Mechanical Grab bucket comes with the Two opening and two closing ropes. Buckets are designed in custom size, and capacity with robust structure, with extraordinary grabbing ability, and 95-100% fullness degree. Four rope dual scoop grabs is operated and used on various cranes, port, deck, ship unloaders, and others cranes. It is mainly used in steel plants, power stations, and vessels etc. Our buckets is comes with high strength and self light weight.

Capacity5 to 100t
ApplicationCoal, Coke, ore sand, Steel scraps and other bulk material.
OperationPort, Deck, Ship Unloaders
TransmissionSingle, Two, Four Rope
four rope mechanical grab bucket