APR Grabs manufactures various variants of Mechanical clamshell bucket. Single line grabs Touch down or Remote controlled and hand tripped,Two rope operated grabs and Four rope operated grabs. Designed for bulk handling, rock handling, dredging, digging operations etc.

The interior side of the bucket has a flush surface for easy discharging of high viscosity material like mud and clay, while the outside layer of scoop is reinforced with additional sheet of wear strips. The hanger is constructed with high tensile steel. Opening and closing action of grab is operated through rope cable. Using 3D Design modelling software , by Collision, Interference Checking & taking Dynamic Simulation Test, the products can be test in the stage of design Intuitively, which can secure the product’s standard and outward performance.

Simulating the different working conditions the bulk grab may service for, using ANSYS to strength check and Optimism the major parts of the machine which make the weight distribution more reasonable, stress distribution more optimization and the machine life longer. These Grabs shells can be executed with Kick plates to reduce handling capacity.  This gives an advantage when bulk materials with various densities are discharged. This is calculated to the biggest capacities possible in blend with the lifting capacity of your crane.

Variants of Mechanical clamshell bucket :

  1. Radio Remote Control Grabs:

Radio remote control grab is a new age technology as known mechanical electrical hydraulic single rope grab. Grab is suitable to cranes with single drum on the working site. Operation is very easy and suitable to opened by remote control device.

Wireless radio remote control grab can work anywhere at once. Just hook on & go not require any extra accessories in ship crane. 


A grab in the extensive range of APR grabs, is the single rope grab, especially designed for cranes with one single drum options. Single rope grabs are used when port cranes are not obtainable and ship board cranes must be used. Most of these ship cranes are single drum cranes that cannot operate 2- or 4-rope grabs.

  • Opening Of the Grab

the grabs can be connected to any crane. The only thing you have to do is to hook the grab on a crane with sufficient lift capacity and your grab is ready for operation.

Single rope grabs are provided with a mechanical hook system to secure the closing of the grab. To open the grab, mechanism must be uncoupled. Besides the completely mechanical grabs with a touch down opening system, there is a manual opening system by pulling a tagline and a remote control opening system.


Two Rope Clamshell buckets for two line operated cranes (One Holding Rope and One closing Rope). These grabs are especially designed for charging and discharging gravel, sand and other bulk materials. The grabs can be executed with open or closed shells depending on the job and the type of material to be handled. The grabs are manufactured of anti-abrasive steels. sheaves bearings are heavy duty and sealed for optimal performance. 

  • GRAB Technical :

Optional the Grabs shells can be executed with Kick plates to reduce capacity.  This will give you an advantage when bulk materials with various densities are (dis)charged. This can be calculated to the biggest capacities possible in combination with the lifting capacity of your crane. 

Closed shells are to provide lessen dust clouds when the content of the load is powdery. many countries has mandatory policy to have closed shells in grab shell execution as to avoid pollution. dust vents on top of the shells prevent a vacuum.


APR Four Rope Mechanical Clamshell Grabs are used for attachment to four line operated large cranes, two Holding Ropes and Two Closing Ropes. APR grabs are designed with optimal balance between grab weight & crane capacity provides maximum performance with less maintenance required.

4 rope double Scoop grab bucket is an excellent tool for charging  and discharging sands, coal, mineral powder and bulk chemical fertilizer. The grab is equipped for crane which has two lifting  drums and used for handling  bulk materials. These days grabs are mainly used in ports, electricity, vessel, metallurgy, preservation and transportation, and are exported in quantities.

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