Log Grabs

These are specifically designed to allow for a maximum load, whether carrying logs, beams, branches or railway sleepers, the log grab is robust enough to withstand working in harsh environments. These Grabs are finished from high quality of raw material which guarantee durability at its user end.



If you’re looking for specialist handling equipment to help make life easier when moving and handling heavy materials, such as logs, then APR Grabs are here to help. Our leading industry offers our valuable customers a superior quality Log Grabs that are finished from high quality of raw material which guarantee durability at its user end.

The log grabs are used for agricultural and forestry works, but also in the recycling sector. These grabs are mainly used for loading and unloading round timber (wooden bales). Quickly pick logs from storage, load them onto transport vehicles or handle them between work sites. With a maximum lifting capacity of 1000kg, this front-end loader can be used for forestry and wooden mill applications.

Our hard work and enthusiasm have given us valuable lessons, Lessons that have been imbibed and now from the backbone of the organization. The organization is steered by professionals, supervised by technicians and manned by skilled workforce.

  • Best performance in carrying woods.
  • Multipurpose application.
  • Safe grab even in high speed or rapid stops.
  • Strong power and a crush-cushion on high pressure cylinder.
  • The safety check valve in cylinder prevents the grabbed material from tumbling down.
  • Extra-durable welded cutting edges for certain types of agricultural or construction jobs
  • Heavy duty construction product to suit all models
  • Turn arms moved independently by two hydraulic rams
  • Arms close to grip individual woods
  • Use to handle bundles or individual wood


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