Hydraulic Pusher For Induction Furnace

We are manufacturers of Hydraulic Pusher and delivers to several steel industries for induction furnace as per their requirements. Hydraulic Scrap Pocker mainly used to push the scrap into the induction furnace during the melting operation in the steel foundaries. Hydraulic Pusher functionality is column-mounted and control through remote.

A electric motor is used for the rotation made with toothed gear slewing ring. Normally, two Hydraulic Pokers per set come with a common hydraulic system – one Power Supply Unit and two Furnaces – makes the operation task easy.

Hydraulic Pusher For Induction Furnace

We understand how important it is for our customers to be able to trust the quality of their pusher, and so our machine is designed to produce results in the most efficient possible way. The machine is also very user-friendly, meaning that staff will be able to quickly familiarize themselves with its functions and operations.

Transmission is important for the scrap pusher that helps to push the scrap into the furnace. Boom play the vital role in the operation for up/down & forward/backward movement by poker hydraulic cylinders confirmed the maximum pressure force on charged material. Another, axial rotation confrim the noise free operation with the helps of slewing bearing geared motor.

hydraulic pusher for steel company

Hydraulic Scrap Poker Pusher for Induction Furnace Specifications

Capacity20-70 Tons
ApplicationFurnace Scarp Pusher
Boom Lenght7 -12meter
ColumnHigh Tensile
Base FrameHigh Tensile

Hydraulic Scrap Pusher For Induction Furnace Manufacturers

We understand that everyone’s workload is different and so our Hydraulic Pusher For Induction Furnace is also available in a choice of sizes to suit your operational goals. Our machine Boom is designed in double web fabricated robust box with easy to replace, repair the porking rod. In scrap pusher boom end part is separate, because it is quite easy to replace without dismantling the entire boom. A telescopic sliding mechanism is used to keep the porking rod in the center of the induction furnace. Our Hydraulic cylinder are capable to operate in any kind of environment with easily removable porking rod features.
Hydraulic Pusher Column: Pusher fabricate is design with high-tensile, and hydraulic cylinders are designed to operate in high temperature for boom up & down. Slewing ring confirm the noise-free movement of column.

Hydraulic Pusher Base Frame: Scrap pusher base frame is designed with high-tensile strength systemic steel. Another boom base area have enough space to withstand high tilting movement at the induction furnace.

    Frequently Asked Question

    Q: What is a hydraulic pusher for induction furnace?
    Ans: Hydraulic pusher enhance the productivity of steel foundries, increase the raw material feeding, handle the scarp in a efficient way. Hydraulic pusher feeds the scrap into the induction furnace by pressure thus improves the production capacity, it helps in optimizing electricity usage.

    Q: How to Find right Hydraulic Pusher for Induction Furnace?
    Ans: First understand your feeding capacity of the furnace, available space on the platform, and choose the pusher who handle the pin, rod, pipe, duct rod, extruder screw, bearing, and track pin easily. APR Grabs understand and evaluate the customer requirements and deliver the pusher for furnace as per capapcity need.