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hydraulic reverse motor comes in operate when electric is not available. APR hydraulic motors are designed to convert fluid pressure into rotary motion. APR motors pulls the press on the hydraulic pump that convert output on gears, pistons, and vanes. We designed motors to boost the potentials of hydraulic applications while functionally. Motors are required to operate at low and high speed pressure and manage the any environment variations. Motors are highly
durable, potential, and efficient. Our motors delivers high volume work and decrease the friction and loses.

Displacement cm /rev.]314,5÷801,8
Max. Speed [RPM]250÷510
Max. Torque [daNm]92÷188
Max. Output [kW]42,5÷53,5
Max. Pressure Drop [bar]160÷200
Max. Oil Flow160
Min. Speed [RPM]160
Permissible Shaft Loads [daN]Mineral based- HLP(DIN 51524) or HM(ISO 6743/4)
Optimal Viscosity range [mm /s30-90
Temperature range [ C]P =1500
FiltrationISO code 20/16 (Min. recommended fluid filtration of 25 micron)
hydraulic reverse motor

Frequently Asked Question

Q: Who can Reverse a Hydraulic Motor?
Ans: APR Bright Industries in Baddi, HP have capable engineers to handle reverse motor job efficiently.

Q: How to Buy Hydraulic Reverse Motor?
Ans: Visit agprgrabs.com and click on components in menu and click on hydraulic reverse motor page and get a quote from industry.