Apr Bright Industries Hydraulic Log grab manufacturer in India

Our Log grabs can handle easily logs, forestry, tubes, poles and building material.  For almost 10 years we internally produce the best Hydraulic Log grabs for your work. The production cycle takes place for 100% in our headquarter. It’ starts from the accurate choice of materials and from trusted suppliers. Grabs are designed with high-quality raw material, logs are with high loading capacity and trustworthy.


Hydraulic Log Grab Execution

  • Mechanical rotator for 270˚ revolution.
  • Hydraulic rotator for 360˚ revolution.
  • 360˚ Hydraulic revolution by methods for slewing ring with hydro Motor.
  • Without revolution (fitted with plate and lifting eye(s).

Hydraulic Log Grab Highlights

  • Integrated perpetual 360 turn with tough slew ring.
  • Well secured uncompromising chambers.
  • Box welded tine development with high evaluation solidified steel.
  • Load well being valve guarantees security during task.