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Hydraulic Grabs

The Grab Specialist (APR) manufacturers, suppliers, & exporters of various models of Hydraulic Grabs designed for bulk handling, rock handling, dredging or digging operations, etc.. Grabs are developed for bulk handling, rock handling, dredging, or digging operations etc.

Hydraulic grabs are developed with high quality, for a long durability. The grabs can be attached to hydraulic machines/ excavators or operated with a separate hydraulic power pack.

The grab designed with ultimate capacity, or determined by the material density, material condition & the capacity of the material handler or excavator.  The grabs can be attached to excavators, hydraulic machines, & operated with a separate power pack. The grabs have various models are following.

Hydraulic Orange peel (cactus) grab

Hydraulic orange peel grabs are professionally developed to handle waste, scrap, rocks, & recycling material.  Grabs with the features either an open, semi-open, or fully closed design, designed to handle material perfectly.

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Hydraulic clamshell grab

The Hydraulic clamshell grab can assemble with any excavators & material handler.  Our clamshell grab ensures quick replacement of scoops. Hydraulic clamshell grab is suitable or attached for any kind of hydraulic excavators, & grab is ideal for large variety of applications such as ship, construction, rake or rail loading & unloading.

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Hydraulic Log Timber Grab

Log grab can easily capture individually logs & specially designed for excavators &loader cranes that is helpful to move trunks, forestry works, demolition, logging, land clearance, bundles of timber, & logs. Timber grabs can integrate with leaf chain for bulk handling, saw mills.

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Apr grabs manufacturers hydraulic grabs in various execution & capacity. We deliver hydraulic grab for hydraulic cranes that are able to handle multiple task proficiently. We offer hydraulic grabs in any weight, execution, & capacity as required.