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Hydraulic Grab Bucket

Hydraulic Grab Bucket  by APR Bright are specially designed for charging and discharging of bulk materials on cranes with a hydraulic system. A hydraulic grab bucket is a crane attachment that is operated independently of power cables or hydraulic lines; it is completely self-sufficient and is operated via a by the driver or another person at the loading room. A diesel engine inside the grab provides the power to start the hydraulic pump. The operator inside crane has to send a command to move the buckets through radio control. The way of regulating the movements of the buckets is identical with an electro-hydraulic grab bucket. We also manufacture attachments of your choice to fit almost all available cranes in the market.

Due to our massive ability during this work sphere, we have come back with the highest quality of Hydraulic Grab Bucket. Additionally, we tend to promote the appropriate distribution of our assortment to our customers. It is mainly designed for handling of powder and fine bulk materials such as chemical, fertilizer, grain, coal, coke, iron, ore, sand, particle, construction material and smashed rocks etc.

It has been mostly used in steel plants, power control stations, ports & ships and also used together with heavy cranes, boat cranes, and other types of cranes. This is called hydraulic grab because these have their own hydraulic system.


• Wear and tear resistant special steel are used.
• More flexible process and higher working efficiency.
• This Grab bucket is compatible with the various brand of excavators from 1-60ton.
• Robust structure and rust proof
• Heavy-Duty with competitive prices
• High durability with low maintenance
• Closed-loop swing circuit with speed control
• Wet multiple disc brake, spring-loaded/hydraulically released
• Cross roller bearing with sealed internal gearing
• Glass-breaking safety hammer
• Less power consumption and corrosion-resistant
• Mainly used for the load and unload of large waste in steel industry under execrable conditions
• Widely used in the municipal corporation, mining method, building and additional
• High-quality material & parts used in making at least downtime and low maintenance.
• The jaw will open and shut respectively in keeping with material shapes and sizes therefore on grab huge materials
• Rotating Design with excellent performance
• These are quick, reliable and the improved alternative solution


• Support tons: 0.5-30 T
• Volumes: 0.7-15 m3

Excellent After Sales Service

• One-year warranty for whole machines from crane running
• Providing free spare components
• Low charge for continuing maintenance
• Exclusive engineer support at any time
• We can give free training to end-users

Package and Shipping

• Excellent packing to avoid product damage in transit, to ensure that you receive the product is intact.

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