Hydraulic clamshell bucket is an equipment creation with two shells, controlled by hydraulic cylinder with one, two or four cylinders available can be horizontal or vertical mounted.  Clamshell bucket can be used for loading & digging or dredging purposes.

Hydraulic clamshell bucket can be execute work (load) precisely such as wood chips, waste, paper, sand, dirt, mud, & food etc.

Crane needed

  • Attachment from excavator/ mobile crane/stationary loader cranes.
  • Hydraulic supply from external system.

Product Description

  • Sturdy structure with high tensile steel
  • Anti-wear manganese steel teeth built grabs
  • Grab specially build from 1 cbm up to 30 cbm
  • FEA done according to standard. ISO 9001/2015
  • Design & fabrication according to DIN 15018
  • Mechanical or hydraulic rotation optional available
  • Reduced height, multi-stable, can work at any angle
  • Manufacturer with superior quality anti-abrasive & Anti-wear steel material for durable life
first grabs

Custom Description

Our hydraulic clamshell buckets can be installed on fixed cranes, truck, forestry cranes, excavators, crawlers and so on.
Bucket have two types as light & heavy. Light bucket used for handle waste, dirt as other hand heavy models used for intensive heavy work. Grab bucket can be used with open & closed shells with dust covers, depending upon work requirement and the kind of material to be hold.

  • On request we can customize¬†special hydraulic clamshell bucket with specific features & specification for ship cranes.

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