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Grab Bucket Cranes

Grab Cranes or grab bucket cranes used in cement, coal, chemical, waste, steel industries, and fertilizer industries. Apr Bright Industries is one of the top-most grab cranes manufacturers in India. Our grab bucket designs with high raw material, smooth hoisting, sharp opening and closing of buckets that helps to improve the productivity of industries. We tested grab cranes on various parameters to meet the client’s standards and cranes can be customize, design, and manufacturer as per requirement such as weight & capacity.

grab craneGrab Bucket Cranes | Types of grab cranes: Clamshell crane, Bucket crane, Orange peel grab crane, Waste Handling Crane, Biomass crane, Sludge handling crane, Slag handling crane, and Strawbale handling crane etc.

Apr Bright Industries bucket cranes not just lift product but lift entire business. Normally, there are clamshell crane, Bucket crane, orange peel grab crane, and waste handling crane. Our cranes are fully automated, versatile and reliable cranes with a classic design.

  • Waste Handling Crane
  • Biomass crane 
  • Sludge handling crane
  • Slag handling crane
  • Strawbale handling crane

Smarter where it matters in cement, coal, chemical, waste, steel, and fertilizer industries.

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