APR excavator grabs have ultimate capacity for handling scrap, sorting materials, & demolition. Grabs can be frequently setup & positioned with operated with its 360-degree hydraulic rotation. Excavator grabs have reversible cutting edge with different models. Have a look at Backhoe and Excavators Buckets also.

We offer various types of grabs with different – different specification are able to execute job at time. Our in-house design & manufacturers of excavator grab have strength & durability, combined with quality hydraulic rotations units. If you work in an ever-changing variety of materials, then the excavator grab series may be the best choice for you.

Capacity0.5 to 30T
MaterialRecycling, Stone, Scrap, Logs, Sorting

Hydraulic Clamshell Bucket for Excavator

Excavator hydraulic clamshell bucket

We offer excavator hydraulic clamshell bucket that is able to handle waste, sand, dirt, mud, brushwood, chips, and so on. Our excavator grabs have special equipment, particular characteristics, or specific functions for ship crane use.

Hydraulic Grab Bucket For Excavator

Hydraulic Grab Bucket For Excavator

Apr excavators hydraulic orange peel grab are the result of multiple years of research & development, & experience & trialed in collaboration with our clients. Now a days, excavator hydraulic orange peel grab has been developed & improved time to time or customized as per client’s requirements.

Hydraulic Log/ Timber Grab For Excavator

Excavator hydraulic log grabs

We now manufacturer excavators hydraulic log timber grab for ease to handle forestry work. Excavator log grab can attach the rotator to your machine made with high quality tensile steel. Our grabs have long life, zero maintenance, & ease to use.

Therefore, our excavator attachment has wide range of grabs & wide range of applications are sold all over world.  We offer grabs at affordable cost with high-quality that make your business more profitable. If you need any excavator grab feel to free to call us.

Hence, all excavator grabs are designed with modern design, allowing wide opening widths to pick up large amount of bulk martial & give great capacity yet still have tight closing grabs to handle a variety of sizes. Our excavator grabs are designed to give high grip force & superior quality.

In addition, our excavator grabs are attached on fixed cranes or trucks. Forestry cranes, on mini telescopic loaders, on wheel or crawler excavators, self- propelled excavators. We offer excavator grab with appropriate accessories as per customer requirements. Grabs are designed for cranes or machines on which they can be fixed for loading, or unloading bulk martial. Lifting capacity of excavator grabs are ultimate. We create also special connections to fully satisfy our customer.