Electro-hydraulic Orange peel (cactus) grab

Electro-hydraulically operated orange peel grab runs by electric motor, hydraulic pump and hydraulic valves which provide the required oil pressure to the system and grab’s tines (jaws) being the elements assembled into the grab’s body. The grab will be fit to any type of elevation equipment & it only needs to be connected to an electric supply

Capacity 0.5 to 15cbm
FEA ISO 9001:2015
Voltage 3x4440v /50hz
Design DIN 15018
  • Designed for handling materials like municipal waste, scrap, pig iron, industrial heavy waste, scrap turning etc.
  • Grab are designed according to the bulk density of the material to be handled. These are categorized as light duty for bulk material density upto 0.7t/ m3: for handling rubber, solid waste, turnings domestic and light industrial refuses, cutting tires.
  • Medium for duty bulk material density upto 1.5t/ m3: for handling steel scrap, stones, baled scrap, bulky and rough material.
  • Heavy duty for bulk material density upto 2.5t/ m3: for handling heavy scrap, baled scrap wood, industrial refuse, miscellaneous scrap, scrap 1-2 handling.

Crane Needed

  • Hook or lifting chain
  • Electric connection for hydraulic unit through Cable Reel Drum.

Product Description

  • Operation Voltage 3 x440 V / 50 Hz operation.
  • Oil tank firmly enclosed which protect oil from environment dust.
  • Sturdy structure with high tensile steel
  • Anti-wear manganese steel teeth built grabs
  • Manufacturer with superior quality anti-abrasive & Anti-wear steel material for durable life.
  • Grab specially build from 0.5 cbm up to 15 cbm.
  • FEA done according to standard. ISO 9001/2015
  • Design & fabrication according to DIN 15018
  • Grab tines can be executed in 3, 4, 5, 6,7 or 8 open, half closed or fully closed.
Electro-hydraulic Orange peel (cactus) grab

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