2cbm hydraulic log grabs for excavator

APR electro-Hydraulic log grabs are designed for loading and unloading of multiple small logs or single big logs. and is to be fitted on cranes with one single drum ship cranes or harbour cranes. The grabs are manufactured of high wear resistant steel for durable life.

Electro Hydraulic Log-Timber Grabs are suitable for various industries like Port, Dock, Ship, Forest, paper, timber Storage yard etc.

  • Crane Needed: Hook or lifting chain
  • Electric connection for hydraulic unit through Cable Reel Drum.
  • Available volume capacity from 0.5 M3 to 3.5 M3 (Cubic Meter)


Pressure unloading valves hold the load while electric motor is off that control the oil temperature under control thus increasing the life of hydraulic components. Control block only moves fluid when required.

  • Opens and closes by electro motor.
  • Operation Voltage 3 x440 V / 50 Hz operation.
  • Oil tank firmly enclosed which protect oil from environment dust.
  • Sturdy structure with high tensile steel
0.75cbm hydraulic log grabs for excavator 2d

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