Electro Hydraulic Grab Bucket

APR Grabs have variety of Electro Hydraulic Grab Bucket that lead to handle work like Construction : piling & expulsion of flotsam & jetsam/sand, removal of garbage in ferrous/non-ferrous foundries, power plant: removal of powder from ash pits, chemical plants: cleaning of lakes with Toxic & Corrosive fluids, fertilizer plants : Handling Sulfur, Cement, Urea, MOP, Rock Phosphate & Rivers: Dredging, and customized hydraulic grab for coal handling.

Apr Grabs consistently exports Electro Hydraulic Grabs to nations like USA, UK. Japan, Singapore, UAE, and so on.

Industry has rich experience in the field of Electro -Hydraulic grab bucket manufacturing, supplying, & exporting  & best  Electro Hydraulic Grab Bucket manufacturers in India. The grabs have various models are following.

Electro- Hydraulic Orange peel (cactus) grab

The grab will be fit to any type of elevation equipment & it only needs to be connected to an electric supply. Designed for handling materials like municipal waste, scrap, pig iron, industrial heavy waste, scrap turning etc.

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electro- hydraulic grab bucket

Electro Hydraulic Clamshell Grabs

Grabs are manufactured of high wear resistant steel for log durable life. Clamshell Grabs are designed for handling coal/coke, grain, fertilizer, sand, slag, ash, cement, clinker, limestone, iron ore, & stones etc.

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Electro-hydraulic clamshell grabs

Electro Hydraulic Log/ Timber Grabs

The grabs are manufactured of high wear resistant steel for durable life. Electro Hydraulic Log-Timber Grabs are suitable for various industries like Port, Dock, Ship, Forest, paper, timber Storage yard etc.

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hydraulic log grabs for excavator

electro-hydraulic log grab for log/timber Handling

  • No power supply required as it has its very own inbuilt Hydraulic power supply framework.
  • Rechargeable Battery worked and does not require power or separate water driven power pack from the ship for the Crane.
  • Power utilization is low, is adequate for 3-4 days task.
  • Removable spill plates are accommodated numerous limits.

Electro-hydraulic clamshell grab for coal loading/unloading or bulk loads. Loading and unloading of bulk cement, coal materials mounted on cranes with one single drum for eg: mainly ship board cranes or harbour cranes, EOT cranes.

Steel scrap handling Hydraulic grabs. capacity upto 15m3, destiny upto 3.5t/m3.