Clamshell Bucket

 Apr Bright Industries the manufacturers, suppliers & exporters of Clamshell Bucket. We are offering new age of technology in clamshell grabs for several applications. As a Clamshell Buckets manufacturer in India, we are offering multiple range of clamshell bucket. We have Global Presence in the field of suppliers grab buckets for more than decade. Clamshell Bucket applications used in iron ore, cement industries, mill scale, mucking, sand, well-sinking, excavator, construction, and cranes industries.

Clamshell Bucket  Dredge Specification

Capacity 0.75 – 8 m3
Dimensions 1936mm – 3229mm
clamshell Bucket

Clamshell Bucket For Under Water Dredging

Our Clamshell  for under water dredging applications can be fit on rotating cab or fixed frame-type barge-mounted crane. They have hoisting control systems & use grab (clamshell bucket) or buckets rigged on cables to dig the material from the water bed at or near its in situ density and transport it vertically out from the water and into barge ship for subsequent transport to the placement area.

Normally they are stationary type, being fixed at the excavation site using anchors or spuds. The discharge of the material is usually done by transporting it with barges. However, some bucket cranes are placed on self-propelled hoppers, so the material can be transported by the dredger itself. Also, for grab dredgers used for maintaining sea shore ground level for ship parking at bank side. Clamshell dredge buckets are used for handling sand & gravel material may be discharged to a separator installation through conveyor belts or vessels.


  • The grab dredger’s advantages are its ability.
  • For dredge in required deep waters levels to carry out precise spot dredging.
  • To remove isolated areas above grade either in the navigation or along dock wall areas and in corners side of docks.

Clamshell Bucket for Wood Chips & Grain

Clamshell bucket for agricultural work. Clamshell Bucket for Wood Chips & Grain with a total capacity of 2500 liters. As all other Apr products, also this clamshell bucket assures the maximum strength and reliability during crane operation.

Clamshell Bucket for Excavators

Clam shell Buckets to handle, loading & unloading of industrial waste, grain, sand, rocks & so forth in addition to digging & dredging activities. Clam-shell bucket can be mounted on heavy equipment such as a hydraulic excavator or crane (by hangar or bracket).

Clamshell Buckets for Ship Cranes

Ship Crane Hydraulic Clamshell Bucket. It is designed for handle powder & fine bulk materials such as chemicals, fertilizer, grain, coal, coke, iron ore, sand, particle construction materials & smashed rocks etc. Clam-shell bucket useful for under water digging.

Clamshell Bucket for Crane

We offer a wide scope of extraordinary clam shell bucket for cement industries, & mining applications. These products are ideal for cement industry, ship industry, chemical industry, & construction industry. Therefore, bucket can easily handle heavy workload. In addition, our Clam-shell Bucket can upgrades your crane process for the profitability of your business.
We have drawn our long involvement of providing different custom grabs for these extraordinary work. We design clamshell bucket for crane after that, the process of FEA test which allow us to enhance the quality of product & makes more prominent.


  • Hydraulic Clamshell bucket
  1. Single Cylinder
  2. Double Cylinder
  • Electro-hydraulic Clam shell bucket
  1. Two Cylinder
  2. Four Cylinder
  • Mechanical Grab
  1. Single Line Clamshell bucket
  2. Two rope Clam-shell buckets
  3. Four rope Clams hell buckets
clamshell Bucket for ship cranes