Clamshell Bucket

 Apr Bright Industries the manufacturers, suppliers & exporters of Clamshell Bucket. We provides new age of technology in clam-shell grabs for several applications. Hydraulic clamshell grab bucket bottom plate, and side plates are designed with high-quality to keep it strengthen, and improve to reach high abrasion & bending ability. Our material handling solutions is multipurpose, accurate weight, and offers any workforce, environment accuracy. We are offers multiple range of clam shell bucket to save time, increase production, and excess material easily. Clam shell  applications used in iron ore, cement industries, mill scale, mucking, sand, well-sinking, excavator, construction, and cranes industries.

Clamshell Bucket Technical Specification

CAPACITY0.75 – 8 m3
DIMENSIONS1936mm – 3229mm
clamshell Bucket

Application used in several industries includes coal, sand, gravel loaded, space mining & mud along with train, ship, automobile industries, loading and unloading material respectively. It can used in any kind of environment likewise, loading of soil rock, hard soil, weathered granite, and second hard rock.

Clamshell Bucket For Under Water Dredging

APR Industries deliver high quality material handing solutions to the ship-ports, marine, and off-shore industries. Excavator Hydraulic Clam shell Grab Bucket for Underwater Dredging have more digging underwater power when fitted on the excavator. Our grab is ideal for loading material, and ground work, and shell is designed to work for different applications. We design clam shell bucket using hydraulic cylinder that helps to make the operation successful with strong digging force. Grab’s teeth, and adaptor enhance the durability.

Hydraulic Clamshell Grab Bucket For Underwater Dredging
Clamshell Bucket for Excavators

Clamshell Bucket for Wood Chips & Grain

Clam-shell bucket for agricultural work. Clam-shell Bucket for Wood Chips & Grain with a total capacity of 2500L. As all other Apr products, also this clam-shell bucket assures the maximum strength and reliability during crane operation.

Clamshell Bucket for Wood Chips & Grain

Clamshell Bucket for Excavators

Clam-shell Buckets handles loading & unloading of industrial waste, grain, sand, rocks & so forth in addition to digging & dredging activities. Clam-shell bucket can be mounted on heavy equipment such as a hydraulic excavator or crane.

Clamshell Buckets for Ship Cranes

Clamshell Buckets for Ship Cranes

It is designed for handle powder & fine bulk materials such as chemicals, fertilizer, grain, coal, coke, iron ore, sand, particle construction materials & smashed rocks etc. Clam-shell bucket useful for under water digging on shipyards, marine etc.

Clamshell Bucket for Crane

We are manufacturers of clam shell bucket for crane, and supplies in
cement, & mining industries. These applications are ideal for
cement industry, ship industry, chemical industry, & construction
industry. Therefore, hydraulic grab bucket can easily handle heavy
workload. In addition, our Clam-shell Bucket upgrades your crane process
for the productivity of business. We have drawn our long involvement of
providing different custom grabs for these extraordinary work. We design
clamshell bucket from 0.75cbm to customized range for crane after that,
the process of FEA test which allow us to enhance the quality of product
& makes more prominent.


  • Hydraulic Clam-shell bucket
  1. Single Cylinder
  2. Double Cylinder
  • Electro-hydraulic Clam shell bucket
  1. Two Cylinder
  2. Four Cylinder
  • Mechanical Grab
  1. Single Line Clam-shell bucket
  2. Two rope Clam-shell bucket
  3. Four rope Clams-hell bucket
clamshell Bucket for ship cranes