Cactus Grab

One of the best superior cactus grab that can easily handle waste materials, heavy metal scraps, shredded scraps, & stones, & household waste. Cactus grab is your authentic partner with a cast iron reputation.

Cactus Grabs are extremely flexible grabs when used with notched materials such as scrap metals, irregular shaped small rocks & general waste material.

Hydraulic Cactus Grabs

Grabs are typically designed with six tines which form a “cage” when closed.

The tines are usually thin, allowing for the odd shaped materials to extend through the tines and still have the grab close. 

Single Cylinder Grabs are also available for applications that require the tines to operate in a synchronized manner.

Electro hydraulic cactus grab is a kind of hoisting equipment equipped with hydraulic system including motor, hydraulic pump and driven by mains power to handle bulk cargoes. Grab can be operated to open or close through motor forward rotation and backward rotation or hydraulic directional control valve.

The  grab is able to handle bulk cargoes such as sand, coal, mineral dust, mineral, concrete, household garbage, waste iron etc. under kinds of harsh work environment. Due ti its good adaptability, hydraulic grab is able to match kinds of hoisting equipment, such overhead crane, gantry crane, deck crane, excavator and so on.


Cactus Grabs Buckets had different types of fuel and power supply.

Mechanical Cactus Grabs Buckets


Opened Cactus Grabs Buckets

Opened cactus grab bucket is recommended for big size materials like rocks, baled scrap, big stones and trunks

Hydraulic Cactus Grab


Half Opened Cactus Buckets

Half-Opened  grab bucket is recommended for medium size materials like urban solid based, medium size.

Electro Hydraulic Cactus Grabs


Closed Cactus Grabs Buckets

Closed grab bucket is recommended for low size/powder materials like shaving, crushed tires, batteries.

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