Backhoe and Excavators Loaders

Backhoe and Excavators Loaders

Backhoe and Excavators Loaders Manufacturers wheeled loaders manufacturers produce the loader as per the models of backhoe. Loaders are more fuel efficient and capable to load material in bulk especially designed for sand, mining industries. Smart Features of Loaders save the energy and fuel while standby or pause during operations. Loaders covers are designed protective and help to release to exhaust Backhoe filers gases. We deliver the Backhoe and Excavators Buckets after testing in power, production, and environmental stages help to boost industries potential. Every Backhoe loaders are designed by trained engineers and deliver the ISO:9001 certification.

Capacity15 ton
Hydrostatic Transmission35kph
Low Fuel-Efficient10%
Increase Production15%
Engine Strength95kW(140HP)
Backhoe and Excavators Loaders Manufacturers

Backhoe and Excavator Loader

Excavator Loaders bucket are designed with smart and intelligent technology to deliver the economical production. Get a quote from us. We’ll help you to build tomorrow. Our excavators ads power to your business and reach at the new levels. Our excavators are designed for change, and accept challenges in any environment. APR Excavator are innovative, productive for urban and rural job. Our Engineers deliver the excavators loaders to keep in mind customer safety, comfort.

Capacity10 ton
Loader Bucket Capacity1.5 cbm
Power80 HP at 2000rpm
Maximum Dig Depth1200 mm
Excavator Loaders

Today APR manufacturers of JCB Buckets, JCB Loaders, wheel excavators, crawler excavators, wheel loaders, and backhoe/excavator loader.

JCB Loaders parts


Every Part of Backhoe Components is significant and enhance the performance and production. Better parts quality delivers the better results. We offers Maintenance Parts, Repair Parts, Wear Parts and other minor to major parts of Equipment at reasonable cost with with extendable warranty, or 2 years, 7,000 hours.

JCB Componenets services amc


We work with advanced technology and engineering to deliver smoothen and reliable result and never let your business down. Our services category is designed to enhance your machine’s performance and increase revenue. Get the timely services and keep the business run while we standby with you. Fuel-Efficient, Productivity, and Safety services.

JCB Loaders attachments


We manufacturer in India every part of Backhoe components as wheel loaders, backhoe loaders, Excavators, Backhoe Buckets to make sure business more productive.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: How to increase Backhoe loaders and excavators capacity?
Ans: Want to increase the Backhoe loaders performance then get a services(AMC) from APR Grabs and boost the strength and capacity of loaders upto 14 ton.

Q: Which Excavators Loaders is Best for our Business?
Ans: If you can not choose the right excavator loader then ask to us. We optimize your Business production and advise you best excavator either Backhoe telescopic wheel loader, excavator loader operator jobs, mini excavator loader and on.