Waste Grabs

Waste Grabs

Waste Grabs
for various industries

Stemm Equipos Industriales.S.L., based in Spain, offers optimal and profitable solutions to the problems of the handling of waste, thanks to its grapples, buckets and grabs. As specialists in the integrated manufacture of this equipment, from its design stage to its manufacture and assembly, the company develops solutions according to the specific needs of the client, adapting them to each specific case and guaranteeing maximum quality. Currently the company is also specialisation in the renovation services known as Plan Renove for the transformation of old equipment, making it operational and thus increasing the company’s portfolio of solutions for companies owning grapples, buckets and grabs

Grab Bucket

Waste Grabs & Grapples

Stemm grabs are designed to slot in perfectly with penetration and drag operations, robustly compacting the dragged material and retaining it inside the grab. The design of the drag and the degree of turn of the claws are important, as are the cylinders having the necessary force to compact the material. It is highly important to emphasise that the weight of the grab itself, which has to have a minimum, required and suitable value, on landing on top of the waste, may penetrate the material, almost to the point of touching the underside of the body itself. This crucial factor , together with the previously mentioned ones, makes each load operation spectacularly greater (differences of 25%) compared to the old grabs, which are normally too light. A grab that is too light has to be unhooked because, when it hits the waste at the pit bottom, it “floats” and does not clutch the material well; this impedes dragging the required material into the interior of the grab.

Unlimited possibilities

Stemm grabs are the most rapid in their closing and opening movements, which considerably facilitates the manoeuvres and operations in the plant and makes them more agile, increasing the cycles/hour and therefore the production, using the same crane. When dealing with new projects, the Stemm grab allows the use of lighter and faster travelling cranes, enabling the most optimum choice of cranes according to F.E.M. classification. All the grabs are provided with filtered hydraulic oil of ISO 68 quality, included.

All the equipment has a compensating bladder installed, so that the oil is not in contact with the environment, being in a watertight receptacle where oxidation, contamination nor condensation can occur and, as a consequence, the life of the hydraulic fluid (oil), and therefore of the circuit itself, is indefinitely extended.This compensating bladder allows the grab to work inclined in any omnidirectional position, even in a totally prone position. Optionally, especially in automatic processes, the grabs are provided with clinometers which send appropriate signals to the system that governs the automation.

The signal that the clinometers give replaces and/or complements the socalled “loose cable” that the manufacturers of travelling cranes use; it is moreover important to point out that it is more suitable to use this signal when, during automatic processes, the grab can slide on the slope of the waste tip or scrapyard. All Stemm equipment is provided with an emergency system , in case of breakdown or electrical supply failure; in case of lack of electrical supply to the grab and the load cannot be discharged, a simple and ingenious system is provided that allows manual operation, thus enabling the unloading of the product retained in the interior in a fast and easy way.

Waste Grabs

Waste Handling Grab
Waste Handling Grab
Waste Handling Grab
Waste Handling Grab
Waste Handling Grab
Waste Handling Grab
Waste Handling Grab


Waste Grab had different types of fuel and power supply.

Mechanical  Waste Grab

Waste Grab

Hydraulic  Waste Grab

Waste Grab

Electro Hydraulic  Waste Grab

Electro Hydraulic
Waste Grab

Waste Grab Specification

  • Exceptionally efficient “clean up”.
  • Modern welded design permits faster handling of waste at full capacity.
  • Heat-treated alloy steel combines light weight with rugged strength.
  • Replaceable bushing used at upper and lower arm connections and at main tine connections.
  • Pins and shafts are heat-treated steel of adequate size to prevent breakage and promote long service life.
  • Sheaves mounted on roller bearing, grooved for rope size specified by user.
  • Grease fittings arranged to prevent accidental damage.
  • Hardened fairlead rollers reduce rope wear.
  • Replaceable points at tips on each tine to withstand shock and wear.
  • Wedge type rope connectors used on all Mack grabs for easy rope connection.
  • Set up for four-line service, or for your specific operation.


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