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With its well-known brand APRGrabs is the worldwide leading manufacturer of grabs and other lifting equipment. The range of products includes bulk cargo and container handling as well as special hoists. Key areas of action are ports, ships, manufacturers of cranes and construction machinery, steel mills, waste-to-energy plants and recycling/scrap handling industries.


Grab Cranes & Buckets had different types of fuel and power supply.

Mechanical Grab Cranes

Mechanical Grab Cranes

Mechanical grab buckets can have one rope, two ropes or four ropes. Some rare and special cranes need 3-rope grabs...

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Hydraulic Grab Cranes

Hydraulic Grab Cranes

A radio controlled diesel hydraulic grab is a crane attachment that is operated independently of power cables...

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Electro Hydraulic Grab Cranes

Electro Hydraulic Grab Cranes

Electro-hydraulic grab is equipped with an electric motor to power the hydraulic pump to open and close the grabs jaws...

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Grab Buckets

Types of Grab Cranes

Different Grab Cranes are uses in various types of industries such as steel plants, sugar mill,
plastic industry, bio waste mining and wood industry, Process Cranes are use in handling industrial steel,
scrap, coal, wood, sugar mill waste, plastic and many more.

  • Orange Peel Grab Bucket

    Orange Peel Grab Buckets can be used for loading/unloading of bulk pouring loads and waste material. It has full-bodied structure and light weight. Lifting capacity of orange peel grab bucket: 2.5 ton to 120.50 ton.

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  • Tongs Grab Bucket

    Lifting capacity of the Tong cranes: Custom. Clean weight of Tong cranes: 35- 65 ton. Span of Tong cranes: 27.6 ton 35.5 m. Lifting height of Tong cranes: 12 m. Power supply of Tong crane: 3 phase A.C.50 HZ.380 V

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  • Clamshell Bucket

    Hydraulic Clamshell Bucket can be used for loading/unloading of bulk pouring loads. Electro clamshell can be operates through electricity at 380-440 Volts. Lifting capacity of Clamshell bucket: 1 cbm to 50 cbm capacity.

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  • Motor Timber Grab Bucket

    Motor Timber Grab Bucket or log crane can be used for loading/unloading of log and wood related products. Timber Grab Bucket are finished from high quality of raw material which ensure durability at its user end.

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  • Scissors Grab Bucket

    Scissor grab can be used for loading/unloading of granular, small-block bulk cargo, such as coal, sand, ore, fertilizer and mineral powder. Scissor grab is more efficient and lighter than ordinary long-rod-type.

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