Mechanical Grab

Mechanical Grab

Mechanical rope grabs will have one rope, two ropes or four ropes. Some rare special cranes would like three- rope grabs because the name suggests, mechanical grab is operated through cable / rope systems only and needs no power source or hydraulic lines. Mechanical grab is used designed for loading and unloading of bulk materials in docks, at industrial plants, further as in ore smelting and blast furnaces’ operation. It is utilized in port facilities as fit. Mechanical grab has a great advantage, because they are mechanical and strong. No semiconductor technology, no hydraulic components. “Pimped” mechanical grabs with e.g. radio control and hydraulic system lose this advantage. Mechanical single rope grabs are one of the oldest grabs- system. They are slower with less t/h and have a developed dead weight compare to motor grabs (diesel hydraulic or electro-hydraulic).

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Hydraulic Grab

Fully automatic hydraulic grabs are created and produced by APR Bright from many years! An automatic hydraulic grab may be a crane attachment that is operated autonomously of power cables or hydraulic lines; it is wholly self-sufficient and is operated via a automatic control device by the crane driver or another person at the loading area. Thus, an automatic grab is often used on any crane, since an exterior power supply is not necessary. A diesel machine within the grab provides the control to drive the hydraulic pump. The crane operator needs to send command to interchange the buckets via an automatic management. The technique of control the movements of the buckets is identical with an electro-hydraulic grab. They are quick, reliable and the improved alternative solution comparing to mechanical single rope grabs!

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Electro Hydraulic Grab

Electro hydraulic grabs are planned and produced by APR Bright. Electro hydraulic grab is prepared with an electrical motor to power the hydraulic push. The hydraulic push brings hydraulic cylinder into action forcing grab buckets to open and shut. Power is provided to the electro hydraulic grab via a power-cable that is located at the crane jib with some further kit, e.g. cable drum, rope drum, guide rollers.

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Our mission is the same today as it was at the beginning: deliver lifting equipment that lifts our customers’ businesses.

Shipyard Cranes

Shipyard Cranes

Our knowledge of shipbuilding processes helps us to deliver shipbuilding cranes that are specially designed for your industry.

Workstation Lifting Systems

Workstation Lifting Systems

Workstation lifting equipment needs to adapt easily to changing processes, and also to unique production requirements and operating environments.

Equipment Overhead Cranes

Equipment Overhead Cranes

We provide an extensive range of cranes, for light duty applications and demanding processes.


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