Clamshell Buckets

Clamshell Buckets
We understand our customers’ need for quality, which is why we offer a one-stop-shop solution, where no project is too big or too small.

Clamshell Buckets


For any powdery and dusty materials, clamshell grab which is made of high steel material is the appropriate choice. It has a high free digging feature and is very light weight. With that it can easily fill up and empty fast with the loaded materials. Clamshell grabs are available in open, half closed and closed units. Choose the most suitable one for your business

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Clamshell Buckets had different types of fuel and power supply.

Mechanical Grab Cranes

Clamshell Buckets

Hydraulic Grab Cranes

Clamshell Buckets

Electro Hydraulic Grab Cranes

Electro Hydraulic
Clamshell Buckets

Clamshell Buckets

Types of Clamshell Buckets

APRGRABS completes every step from drawings to finishing under one roof to ensure we build every custom clamshell bucket to one consistent standard for every customer.

  • 2-Rope Clamshell Bucket

    An APRGrabs 2-rope Clamshell Bucket is for use with cranes with one hold line and one close line.
  • 3-Rope Clamshell Bucket

    An APRGrabs 3-rope clamshell bucket is for use with cranes with two hold lines and one close line.
  • 4-Rope Clamshell Bucket

    An APRGrabs 4-rope clamshell bucket is for use with 4-rope operated cranes.
  • Mini Power Attachment Bucket

    Mini Power Attachment Bucket may be small, but you wouldn’t know it when you’re behind the controls.
  • Round Nose Dredging Bucket

    APRGrabs dredging buckets can be designed for 2-rope or 4-rope operation, and are built to withstand the severe duty applications.

Clamshell Grab Bucket Applications

  • Digging pits for ground construction and development work.
  • Perfect for dredging and loading material in tight, constrained and limited spaces.
  • Material handling, loading and unloading industrial wastes, grains, sands, and so on.
  • Hard core mechanical clamshell is perfect for dredging application by crane.

Clamshell Grab Bucket Featues

  • Designed for durability for all material loading needs in field of work towards higher productivity and profitability.
  • Specially designed and extraordinarily composed tooth point are equipped on the cutting edge to provide higher strength, higher quality and longer life.
  • Knock-around manual rotation and hydraulic rotation is available, & Radio Remote Controlled Operation

Clamshell Buckets Specification

  • Set for two, three, or four-line service.
  • Sheaves mounted on roller bearings, grooved and notched for rope estimate determined by user.
  • Grease fittings arranged to counteract unintentional damage.
  • Hardened fairlead rollers reduce rope wear.
  • Special sizes, sorts and types upon request.
  • Pins and shafts are heat-treated steel of appropriate size to prevent breakage and promote long service life.
  • Modern welded design and configuration allows faster handling at full capacity.
  • Heat-treated alloy steel combines light weight with rugged strength and tough quality.
  • Furnished with exchangeable bushings at all hinge points.


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